Pioneering cell-state and ferroptosis biology and cutting-edge drug discovery

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Kojin is harnessing groundbreaking discoveries in cell-state and ferroptosis biology to develop first-in-class treatments for use in patients with cancer, and cardiovascular, immunologic, and degenerative diseases.
Our drug-discovery platform integrates computational chemistry, structural biology, chemical biology, target-informed screening, and mechanism-driven pharmacology to discover therapeutics that specifically modulate ferroptosis.
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Ferroptosis is a newly discovered form of programmed cell death that is biochemically and genetically differentiated from apoptosis, necrosis, and autophagy, and is characterized by intra-cellular localization of iron and reactive oxygen species.

This leads to iron-dependent accumulation of oxidatively damaged phospholipids within the cell membrane – a process that has been likened to a "grease fire" in the cell membrane, and which can be prevented or reversed by therapeutic interventions.

Inspired by our science, Kojin is named after the Japanese deity that tamed fire for the good of humanity.


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Drugging the ferroptosis-sensitive cell state